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THE only MASON MAN I would use

Posted: 2557 days ago

I purchased a home in Hillsborough in 2012. After being there a month we found a leak in our basement with the primary water line coming in and out of the house. There was a leak in which only a mason was qualified to do the work because the old concrete around the pipe needed to be discarded and re-patched and sealed properly. Kris came in and took care of it in a day. And it has been perfect ever since. Plus he is so reasonably priced and honest, which is a really nice quality to find in a contractor. He has been doing this for so many years that it his experience and knowledge is invaluable, especially when you are in a crunch like I was.

I also asked Kris to add concrete to a lip in my garage. I thought there was a problem there, but Kris was honest enough to tell me that the lip was done correctly and if he added concrete it would have been a bigger problem. So, he was honest enough to tell me if he did anything it would cause further problems. How great is it to have a mason tell you no work is needed when he could have just done the work and I would have had to pay him for that work and additional problems I may have had down the road. So, he saved me when I did not realize I would have screwed things up more.

I would highly recommend Kris to do work on my home and others should too. Thank you!!

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